Thursday, October 17, 2013

Signs of Joy Progress...

I go back and forth between getting really into making my banners and closet signs and thinking I would love to sell them at boutiques and such and then big gaps of feeling like it's really stupid and getting close to giving up. But as of today, I continue to work on them and hope that someone takes a liking and buys one. I particularly love the idea of using my banners as "photo op's" and have seen similar ones (but not the same quality of course) selling on Etsy for an un-godly amount of money. I love the idea of ones in maternity pics, gender reveal, newborn pics, family pics, and even wedding thank you photo's that are ever so popular today. As of today, I have the following banners and can make really anything anyone can come up with. My next project is to do triangles as those are popular right now as well.
I also continue to be excited about my nursery closet dividers and especially love this set that I made. My next project are owl themed ones as owls are "all the rage" right now:)
I still don't seem to have many readers of any kind but if you happen to be interested, please contact me:)

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