Sunday, October 27, 2013

Merry Mail!!

Most of us get adorable Christmas cards from friends and family each year and many of us try to come up with a cute way to display them. I've always just put them on the fridge but this year, probably because it will be the first year I send a Christmas card, I wanted a new idea. SO...instead of buying one I decided to make it. This is my first try and I'm very critical of the spacing and lining of the lettering so go easy on me. But all in all, I love how it turned out!!
Obviously there are lots of options for this. The sign itself can be different shapes and sizes and the paint color, font, font size, and even the words "Merry Mail" can all be changed and customized. I purchased this cute Christmas ribbon at 40% off at Michaels and I think it's the perfect touch!
I also picked up some Christmas burlap and "Santa Red" paint to prepare for some Christmas banners that have been requested:)
I plan to make ones that say "Merry Christmas", "Most Wonderful Time of the Year", and "Joy to the World". I also have lots of other ideas for decorating the fireplace for Christmas so stay tuned and contact me if you would like to purchase any decor at a very reasonable price:) I love this time of the year!!!

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