Monday, September 30, 2013

The Nursery

The last eight months have been filled with fantasizing about the nursery and then slowly making and buying items to carry out the ideas in my head. I feel almost sad in some strange way that it's basically "complete" other than a few minor details. It has kept me busy and given me an outlet for my creativity.
I knew from the start that I wanted to do a "cotton candy" colored theme with turquoise and pink. It took me forever to decide on bedding but I finally went with "My Baby Sam Pixie" set and got a great deal off Amazon. I created the wall art from items from Michael's and purchased sweet prints from various shops in Etsy with quotes I liked. I really wanted "girl power" quotes that will be inspirational for Avery even though she won't be able to read them until probably long after they are taken down.
I feel like everything I did in the nursery is meaningful, however, there are a couple things that are more meaningful than others: I framed a picture of my mother pregnant with me and then framed one of me pregnant as well.
I also put my doll that my Great Grandmother made for me that has her name on the back in the crib. I will probably take it out but I like to see it on display for now. It's a beautiful keepsake:)
Some of my favorite details are: the toy box I made, the laundry basket I picked up for a great price at Home Goods,and the framed "For Like Ever" print above the rocker.
By the way, the not-so-attractive wire you see hanging from the ledge on the wall is the awesome video monitor my parents bought us. It fits perfectly on the ledge and gives the perfect view inside the crib.
I am having a lot of trouble sleeping these days so I often go sit in the rocker, listen to music, and just enjoy the beauty of the room. I'm looking forward to spending much more time in it when she gets here. Of course, she won't be sleeping in the crib at first but we will be in there to change clothes, change diapers, rock, and read:) Don't even get me started on the adorable outfits hanging in her closet that I have matched with bows hanging around the hanger when I can't sleep. Yes, it's true:)I know she won't appreciate this nursery but I plan to keep the pictures for her in a keepsake album and let her know when she's older how much time I spent creating the room for her while anticipating her arrival:)

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  1. What a beautiful nursery! Great job! I love all the details, your baby girl will love it! Saw your comment on the House of Rose Blog so I thought I would check out your post. Congrats! Novemeber will be here before you know it! : )