Monday, September 23, 2013

My birthday and a babymoon...

I'm so incredibly stir crazy from being on bed rest! My family is so blessed to have a get-away in Pacific Grove (between Monterey and Carmel)that we can use anytime we want. Justin and I decided to go to the coast for three nights and four days for my birthday. The weather was incredible and the scenery was indescribable as always. I was super bummed I couldn't do more though and most of the time was in the condo resting. But we managed to get a nice dinner in for my birthday, some time at our special spot at Cannery Row, saw a movie, and did a little bit of shopping.
I took this picture of me in the same spot I took one back in June when I thought I was really showing. That was nothing! My parents don't have a tv so we watched a lot of Netflix. Justin watched "Parenthood" with me last season but hadn't seen the seasons prior so we started watching from season 1. That is one of my absolute favorite shows!
All in all it was good to get away and spend some time together without any worries or responsibilities. I guess we can consider it our "babymoon" as it's the last time we will get out of town before Avery is born. Next time we go we will be pushing Avery around:) Craziness!

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