Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An introduction...

I used to blog. I used to blog a lot. I had a blog called "Fancy Pants" filled with pictures that inspired me, quotes, some personal stories, and random other things. Then I thought I was going to become a wedding planner and made "Fanciful Moments" and that didn't go anywhere. I did a couple others but my computer crashed and I haven't blogged in three or four years. But alas, I'm now 7 months pregnant, nesting, on bed rest, in a creative state of mind, and ready to get back in the blogging world. I love reading other's blogs and always wish my life was as interesting as it appears other's are. My favorite blogs that I've read over the years center around decorating the home, friendships and family (relationships), photography, weddings, babies, spirituality, and girls that are straight up real. I would like to my link to my fave ones right now but I seem to have forgotten how to do it:) So anyway, I'm Rachael. I'm turning 30 in two days and it's pretty surreal that I won't be in my twenties anymore. I married my best friend that I stayed in contact with long-distance via phone calls and letters and I must say that committing to him was the smartest decision I ever made. I am seven months pregnant with my first (and last) child. Her name is Avery Elise and she is currently kicking me in the ribs as I type. My favorite things in life are chocolate, hydrangeas, Oprah, decorating, and babies. I plan to blog about the nesting that I'm doing including nursery decor, pictures that I take of happy moments in life, life as a new mother, share recipes,and whatever else inspires me. I used to have quite a few readers in my hay day so here's to starting over and writing to absolutely no one for right now:)

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